Experience ONLINE SUCCESS with CCS!

CCS has a team of web specialists that have been at their jobs for years. We use our expertise to help your business thrive.

Our designers are outstanding at creating your online image so your business looks good on all devices, as well as in print.

Communication is key! Twenty-first century shoppers are a savvy group. We understand their habits, whims and wishes so we can keep your business in front of them and help them buy your products.

Every website we build is guided by best industry practices and includes top tools, such as:

Your online address. You need this so customers can find you online.

Making your site available 24/7 on the Web.

Our servers have layers of security to keep your site safe from hackers. We monitor all our sites and receive messages when something is wrong.

Fast servers matter. Speed is one of Google’s criteria for search rank.

Your site is unique to your business. We build sites that complement your other marketing materials for a consistent look across all media.

The logical way pages and sections of your site are connected. We make it easy to add new sections or delete outdated content.

We aim for intuitive menus so site visitors can view exactly what they want — quickly.

Helps your site rank better in Google. When your site is launched it’s fitted with latest optimization practices.

Makes it easy for site visitors to contact you.

Links are a powerful way for Google to find your site. We work with you to establish relevant links to and from other websites.

We create links to all your social media accounts. Some of them can even feed into your site so the latest update is visible on the pages of your site.

Your Photo Gallery can be segmented into separate albums for your various products/services. You can add or remove photos at any time.

Interactive map helps visitors find your bricks and mortar store/office/shop — even on mobile phones.

All of our sites are responsive, meaning they display correctly on all devices making it easy for your visitors to navigate.

Good grammar and spelling make for a professional business website.

You can view statistics about your visitors, their location, referral links and much more. And we’re happy to help you interpret the stats so you can make better decisions with your advertising revenue.

We monitor all of our sites through Webmaster Tools to ensure that Google is finding and indexing the site correctly.

We monitor all of our sites through Webmaster Tools to ensure that Google is finding and indexing the site correctly.

You can update your site from any computer. So content edits are in your hands.

We provide complete training with all sites.

Friendly humans answer phones and/or email when you need help.

Why Have a Website?

Your website exists to increase your revenue — and that’s our number one goal. Whether or not you sell products online, your website should bring in new visitors who are ready to buy. They visit your website to learn what you sell, who you are and why they should do business with you. The site should also encourage loyalty from current customers by offering design that makes it easy for them to buy your goods — or contact you with questions.

Why CCS?

Our coders and programmers continually learn best practices for fast download times and excellent user experience. Our SEO* experts stay informed about Google’s continual changes in search practices. Security is taken very seriously here; we monitor every site so we are proactive in preventing problems. We’ve thwarted thousands of attempted hacks.

Online Success = A Website That Increases Your Revenue!

Design is only part of the formula that makes your website — and your business – successful. We are committed to helping our customers see their sites not only rank well in search engine results, but increase sales and revenue. Your site should be improving your bottom line by either educating your customers or selling your product outright. If it’s not, we can help.

How can your site rank better in searches?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Defined

SEO is a series of tasks we do to make a website rank higher in search results for a specific audience. SEO also stands for Search Engine Optimizer, which is the person who does the optimizing. SEO is done in order to appeal to a specific audience: the ones who will buy your product. So, there’s no way to do general SEO on all websites. The optimization must be customized to each page and topic of your website. There are no shortcuts.

SEO and exercise are very similar. They must be done consistently and continually to be effective. Testing and experimenting are part of it. Just like an exercise regimen has measurements, like weight and stamina, SEO has measurements like visitor statistics and revenue. We optimize websites to make their owners more money.

Some of the Tasks Associated With SEO

Keyword research: By studying how keywords and phrases are typed into search engines, we are able to determine a starting point for what will work on your website to attract the exact customer you seek.

Keyword insertion: There is no way around it. Write really good copy. Keywords are indexed by Google Bots as they are taken from the text that is visible to your site visitors. The more concise, informative and relevant the text, the better your site will do in searches. As Google’s algorithm evolves it is more capable of gleaning context for the keywords. In other words, well-formed sentences and surrounding copy is crucial. Lists of keywords no longer hold weight.

Page titles: We create a custom page title for each page. Having all page titles the same is a no-no.

Page descriptions: We create a custom description for each page describing the most important stuff on that page.

While we’re doing this, we’re checking grammar and spelling, typos, clarity, and consistency.

Headlines: We make sure they make sense and draw the visitor into the text. We also use sub-heads to allow readers to skim the content quickly.

Alt tags: We add descriptions to each graphic and photo to ensure that Google can see what they’re about. Google can’t see pictures, so we need to describe them.

Links: We ensure that they are not broken, that they lead to where they say they do, that they are relevant to what’s on the page.